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Resume Essentials

Our professional resume service allows you to make an excellent impression on the hiring manager after we conduct meticulous research within the market segment. Employment candidates must address their qualifications for a specific type of work. This is called personal branding and this technique demonstrates the skills, values, achievements and experiences that you bring to the position. 

If an organization requires trustworthiness as an essential characteristic for a particular position, the employment candidate must claim that they demonstrated this trait by handling payroll under minimal supervision. The applicant has further established a reputation for honesty by delivering on promises to coworkers. The personal brand is honesty and the applicant must communicate this value to the hiring manager through concrete examples.

Your Resume 


These are the basic rules for formatting a resume: first, we create an objective statement at the top of the resume to describe why you are a good fit the job; second, we will add a core expertise section to the resume; third, we will chronologically list employment history; finally, we provide educational background. Other categories will be applied as needed by the resume writer service.


Your resume could be great. However, it will go unseen if the document fails to get past the applicant tracking system (ATS). Companies use ATS software to screen applicants. This program collects, sorts, scans and ranks the applicant by looking for keywords relevant to the position. A resume needs to get past ATS. Resume writers put essential keywords into a resume and this further demonstrates your knowledge of the position and the employment industry.

The objective statement is the first guideline. This must contain the specific job name and provide an important overview of your achievements that address the job description. The next guideline focuses on essential keywords. An effective resume writer will research keywords and provide human resources with a relevant and comprehensive list of phrases that can be listed throughout the resume or located within the skills section.  

A good resume writer communicates quantitative information through numbers, statistics and other measurable methodologies. All jobs use quantitative analyses. For example, if you work in a call center as a customer service representative, the organization uses metrics to describe the effectiveness of communications with consumers. One key takeaway focuses on talk time. If your talk time is impressive, this statistic should be included within a resume. This achievement demonstrates knowledge of policies and procedures and compliance. 

Brand Statements and Value Proposals

This brings us to an important concept - the difference between a branding statement and a value proposition. The writer will use a branding statement to describe how your employment profile aligns with the job description. On the other hand, a value proposition demonstrates the worth that the applicant brings to the job - your capacity to communicate to the hiring manager how you will improve existing workplace results. 


For example, an  effective value proposition would state that the applicant can increase marketing conversions by 15% within six months. The applicant demonstrates that he achieved this benchmark when working for his previous employer. The proper blending of value propositions and branding statements generates comprehensive coverage of what the applicant offers an organization. 

Hard skills address the abilities and competencies that are required to complete an assignment. Hard skills include copywriting, computer programing and project management. On the other hand, soft skills address non-technical skills; that is to say, they demonstrate skills that you would not learn in college. These skills are generally developed on the job and they include teamwork, creativity and time management. An effective resume writer will create a balance between hard skills and soft skills.

There is a proficient resume writing service for every job opening. All resume writers can describe your accomplishments, but our service lets the hiring manager know how you will perform as an employee because we describe your workplace capabilities with branding statements and value propositions.


What characteristics are essential to qualify for the position? Do you have hands on experience with these hard and soft skills? Our writers make your personality traits and employment history relevant to the requirements for the job. This means we use transferable skills to customize your resume to enhance your qualifications for a specific job. For example, while you might not have experience with one content management system (CMS), you do have experience with a similar software program. You want to convey to the hiring manager that you are familiar with their CMS by reading trade magazines or other research tools.  

Finally, a strong personality profile casts the applicant in the right light. Resume writers must avoid generic statements that intend to persuade the hiring manager. For example, a professional resume writer will avoid phrases such as team player without giving examples that detail why the applicant can make this claim. Our best resume writers will give this claim context within a quantitative and qualitative framework. 

Cover Letters

We also offer a professional cover letter writing service. After utilizing our resume opportunity, the next step is to send a cover letter to human resources. This is your chance to further market your skills. A common error is to submit a cover letter that simply lists your positive characteristics. However, to be competitive for a job, the applicant must succinctly demonstrate his or her traits that are specific to the position. This is another facet of customization.

To summarize, let us create the necessary documents to achieve your business objectives. We deliver resumes and cover letters that tell the hiring manager that you have the exact characteristics for the job. We will attain that goal by researching, customizing and formatting your credentials. Contact us at Job-Winning Resumes for a free consultation regarding our services. Let our best resume writing service help you achieve your goals!



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